Basement Laundry Room Ideas

Basement laundry room ideas help improve the ambience of a dark, damp and dreary utility room located in the basement of your house.

The first and foremost tip in this regard is to get rid of unnecessary clutter that usually gets accumulated in an unfinished basement.

Next, make provision for a sink with hot and cold facets. The biggest advantage of basement laundry rooms is that more often than not, they are already equipped with a drainage system.

Ideas for basement laundry rooms

  • Have a floor drain in the room to avoid water damage. In addition, you can install vinyl tiles on the floor and refinish it to enhance the appearance of the floor.
  • Make sure there is adequate overhead as well as wall mounted lighting in the room.
  • Keeping the laundry room close to the stairs is considered as one of the best basement laundry room ideas. This would reduce the distance that you would have to cover while carrying dirty and clothes to the laundry area.Have a look at the basement laundry room shown in this video.
  • As the basement area tends to become humid, keep the dryer vent short and straight.
  • Plan and organize the room by installing cabinets, cupboards and shelving units. You can go forfreestanding metal shelves lined against walls and spray-paint them to match the color with the color of the room. Ideal storage arrangement should make the essential laundry supplies easily accessible.
  • Another efficient basement laundry room idea is to get a laundry bar for hanging clothes. However, if there is less space, you can use a drying rack.


  • Paint the walls and ceiling in a light color, preferably white to make the room seem more spacious. Bright wall color can be contrasted with dark or brown floor color to create a warm, breezy feel. To add to the cozy appeal, include vintage accessories and curtains in the room.
  • Pay attention towards the design and decoration of the room to help make laundry work a bit enjoyable. Plus, explore the basement to excavate unnecessary, dumped items that have been lying there since a long time; dispose of these old, broken articles and create a fresh and pleasant working space.


  • You can also install a drop ceiling in your basement laundry to make it attractive.
  • In cases where there is plenty of space in this area, basement laundry room ideas focus at improving the folding space by installing a countertop surface on the workbenches.

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