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Small Laundry Room Ideas

Wonderful small laundry room ideas are highly beneficial in organizing this messy area to make it more efficient and functional. Typically, the room has limited amount of space for keeping laundry equipments, cabinets, bags, etc.

Thus, there are plenty of design ideas for a small laundry room that aim at making the best use of the available space in a smart way.


Consider the following brilliant small laundry room ideas

  • In order to save floor space and make room for working comfortably in the room, use the wall space creatively by hanging hooks on the walls. 
  • Build a number of shelves (wall-mounted) in the area to overcome the space constraint. This temporary fixture will help create better storage space.


  • Do not place unnecessary decorating objects in the room; it will just add to the clutter and won’t make sense in such a small room. 
  • If possible, keep the laundry hampers in some other room or bathroom. 
  • In cases where you have no provision of having a sink in the laundry room, you can keep a large bowl nearby.


  • Keep a folding ironing board or table in your laundry room. You can use this table for folding clothes, placing small laundry items and other miscellaneous purposes to help you manage the laundry work with ease. Alternatively, you can opt for a wall-attached ironing board
  • Using pre-made cabinets is another great small laundry room idea. These cabinets help hide a lot of clutter. Stack them on top of each other rather than side by side to conserve space. Utilize the space on the inside of the cabinet doors for hanging pin up items such as sponges, rubber gloves, etc. 

    Here’s a video showing how to organize your laundry room and reduce unnecessary clutter.

  • Placing the dryer on top of the washer is one of the most popular ideas for small laundry rooms. Needless to say, make sure both the equipments are front loaded. Plus, fit in a slim laundry tower or cart alongside the washer and dryer. Besides, you may like to look for washer and dryer combos at appliance stores as an effective solution for saving laundry space. 
  • In case you prefer having the washer and dryer side by side then go for overhead closed cabinets
  • You can create additional storage space by hanging storage baskets on a wall. For this, you will have to nail two pine boards on the wall and fix a set of hooks on them at equal intervals.


  • Image Credit: lowescreativeideas.com
  • If your laundry room is a part of the hallway or kitchen with a door then get rid of the door to make more space. Better still; replace it with a curtain to avoid the fuss created by opening and closing the door every now and then. White or pale-colored curtains with beautiful patterns can also help your laundry room look nice. Those who are not fond of curtains can have folding doors. 
  • Replace your dull plastic baskets with the ones prepared from wicker. 
  • Small laundry room ideas also focus at creating a pleasant ambience in the room with bright decorso that you may feel better while doing laundry. Thus, you can paint the walls in pale pink, watery green, sunflower yellow, red and cream, white and tan or any other color combination that you find attractive. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Large Laundry Room Ideas

Embarking on excellent large laundry room ideas can help create fabulous laundry space to make laundry work less annoying. The biggest advantage of having a spacious utility room for laundry is that you can use it for other purposes as well.

For instance, you can have a sewing machine in the room. In addition, you can store other cleaning equipments like vacuum cleaners, mops, sundry tools in the same room.


Ideas for Large Laundry Room

  • You can have full-length cabinets with folding doors in the room along either side of the washer and dryer for stacking laundry baskets. In addition, include overhead closed cabinets with shelves for storing essential laundry supplies, including detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, etc.


  • Pull out laundry hampers with cabinets can also be used. Besides, keep separate baskets for different categories of clothes depending on the type of wash required.For example, white clothes can be set aside in a basket assigned for this purpose. Similarly, clothes that require dry cleaning can be placed in a separate basket.
  • Depending on the space and your needs, you can get a rack with drying shelves or a stainless steel coated metal drying rack.
  • Ideas for a well planned out large laundry room also include proper overhead as well as wall mounted lighting.
  • If your washer and dryer are not at a convenient height, you can consider having a built-in pedestal to keep them at a working height.
  • Large laundry room ideas take advantage of the fact that you can install a counter top there and use it as your work table for functions like sorting clothes, pre-treating stains and so on. You can also put flower vases or small plants on it


01-DH2011_laundry-double-washer-dryer_4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960To make the laundry room organized, you can keep an open shelving unit in it. You can stack towels, bed sheets, cleaning baskets and various other items in this unit. In addition, you can install a free standing ironing board and keep hangers near it. Here’s a video showing how to create an organized laundry room.

  • Set aside a box or drawer for keeping small items like buttons and yarn supply.
  • If there is plenty of space, you can decorate the area by keeping a few art pieces on shelves or floor.
  • Decorating the room with wall sconces, frames, wall clock and a mirror is an incredible large laundry room idea to make the area delightful and pleasing. You may also have a message board on a wall where you can put important instructions or sticky labels.
  • You can place a comfortable chair and a long coffee table in a corner and use this space for folding clothes. Furthermore, keep a CD player in the room to make the task of doing laundry less tedious.
  • If you cannot have a sink in the room then arranging for a large basin at a corner is one of the most popular large laundry room ideas. However, make sure the basin is far away from the door.

Laundry Room Paint Ideas

Brilliant laundry room paint ideas can brighten up the appearance of a dull and boring laundry room. After all, you spend plenty of time in this utility room doing the tedious laundry work.

Paint Color Ideas for Laundry Room

  • More often than not, laundry rooms are small in size. Therefore, it is suggested that you use light and bright colors to paint the room to create an illusion of spaciousness.Opt for colors like light blue, green, sunlight yellow, pale pink, white & tan, etc. Darker colors are more suitable for larger rooms. Green goes well with wooden furnishings.


In cases where there is less natural light in the room, choose colors like yellow, aqua, and other soft tones of blues and greens.

Lack of natural light makes it difficult to see the undertones. “A light color will never come to life in a dark room but a rich, deep color can make a dim, somber space feel warm and luminous – even though it receives no natural light.” Donald Kaufman


  • To make the walls more exciting, use stripes of complementary colors separated by black color. Make sure you use high-quality washable paint because the walls will be enduring splashes of soapy water quite often. It is for this reason that one is advised not to use wallpapers in the laundry room.
  • Another fascinating laundry room paint idea is to go for crinkle paper painting to add texture and dimension to the walls using tissue paper technique.


  • In addition, you can put funny posters and graffiti on the walls to make the space more enjoyable and less arduous.
  • Be creative and think of a theme to derive ideas for laundry room paint. For instance, you can trybeach style decoration or some other soothing and calming design that takes your mind off the cumbersome housing chore you would be doing in this room.

images (7)

  • If you do not have time to put a design on the entire wall, just put it on certain selected areas like around the windows, ceiling, or make use of chalkboard murals. 
  • Try stencil painting to incorporate beautiful designs on the plain, boring walls. This is one of the most fantastic laundry room paint ideas.Watch this video to understand how to stencil a wall with paint.
  • Those who like to be surrounded by beauty can include aesthetic vintage designs and decorations.
  • Based on your hobbies and interests, choose mural painting ideas such as sky designs, exotic animal murals, under the sea murals, laundry murals, foams and bubbles, cute children’s items on a clothesline, and so on. Murals are quite popular in contemporary interior designs.Here’s an interesting video on painting wall murals.

Apart from these laundry room paint ideas, explore other innovative decoration and organization ideas for your utility room by going through DIY projects at Pottery Barn, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.

Laundry Room Feng Shui

Following laundry Room Feng Shui tips is highly beneficial in balancing energies for living a healthy and prosperous life.

Feng Shui for laundry room creates a pleasant environment through manipulation and channeling of non-physical forces.

It releases negativity from your house by changing the interior and color of your walls, and relocating the furniture for spiritual fulfillment to bring empowerment and clarity in your life.

laundry 3

Laundry Room Feng Shui Tips

  • Feng Shui laundry room ideas are quite similar to those for bathroom as both the areas are ruled by the Water element. Thus, the room should not be placed in a fire area of your house.In addition, make sure the space is neither too wide open (makes money flow away quickly) nor excessively cluttered (it restricts the flow of money). Disorganized arrangement and chaos blocks positive energy.
  • According to this ancient art, it is suggested to keep the laundry room door closed when you are not doing laundry. Plus, ensure that the washing machine lid is also closed.Moreover, if there are any plumbing leaks or leaks from hoses, do not delay in getting this problem fixed because water denotes the flow of wealth.

images (6)

  • Balance the Water element of your laundry room by incorporating objects prepared from clayrepresenting the Earth element. It is for this reason that people use brown, beige or yellow as laundry room Feng Shui colors.
  • Cleanliness plays a significant role in making Feng Shui effective. Thus, keep laundry equipments clean by getting rid of any buildup in your washer and dryer. Wash the floor, sink, mirror, and other fixtures from time to time. Needless to say, empty the trash regularly.
  • Keeping the room organized not only promotes good Feng Shui but also reduces your burden. So,arrange your laundry supplies in shelves or cabinets in an orderly way. In case you have a small laundry room, keep the laundry baskets and hampers in some other room to avoid clutter on the floor.
  • When you are done with the laundry work, fold or hang up the clothes and put them away immediately. Finally, tidy up the area.
  • Having a large-leaved plant in the laundry room serves as a nice Feng Shui cure if it is in the wealth area. Choose a plant that is not spiky.Alternatively, you can opt for eight stalks of Lucky Bamboo. Moreover, you can place a bowl of multi-colored crystals (preferably blue and green) in the room to attract wealth.Watch this video to understand more about Feng Shui in laundry room or bathroom.
  • If you prefer to have a clock in the room then remember to replace the batteries when needed before it stops. Remove the ones that do not function at all.
  • Lighting is another important aspect as it is a source of energy. Therefore, keep your laundry room well-lit.
  • Keep the wall color light (cream, pale blue, green, light purple, etc.) and decorate the walls with some natural scenery to promote harmony and prosperity.

As this complex and ancient Chinese art is requires deep knowledge and understanding, make sure you do thorough research about the laundry room Feng Shui ideas that you find useful.

Basement Laundry Room Ideas

Basement laundry room ideas help improve the ambience of a dark, damp and dreary utility room located in the basement of your house.

The first and foremost tip in this regard is to get rid of unnecessary clutter that usually gets accumulated in an unfinished basement.

Next, make provision for a sink with hot and cold facets. The biggest advantage of basement laundry rooms is that more often than not, they are already equipped with a drainage system.

Ideas for basement laundry rooms

  • Have a floor drain in the room to avoid water damage. In addition, you can install vinyl tiles on the floor and refinish it to enhance the appearance of the floor.
  • Make sure there is adequate overhead as well as wall mounted lighting in the room.
  • Keeping the laundry room close to the stairs is considered as one of the best basement laundry room ideas. This would reduce the distance that you would have to cover while carrying dirty and clothes to the laundry area.Have a look at the basement laundry room shown in this video.
  • As the basement area tends to become humid, keep the dryer vent short and straight.
  • Plan and organize the room by installing cabinets, cupboards and shelving units. You can go forfreestanding metal shelves lined against walls and spray-paint them to match the color with the color of the room. Ideal storage arrangement should make the essential laundry supplies easily accessible.
  • Another efficient basement laundry room idea is to get a laundry bar for hanging clothes. However, if there is less space, you can use a drying rack.


  • Paint the walls and ceiling in a light color, preferably white to make the room seem more spacious. Bright wall color can be contrasted with dark or brown floor color to create a warm, breezy feel. To add to the cozy appeal, include vintage accessories and curtains in the room.
  • Pay attention towards the design and decoration of the room to help make laundry work a bit enjoyable. Plus, explore the basement to excavate unnecessary, dumped items that have been lying there since a long time; dispose of these old, broken articles and create a fresh and pleasant working space.


  • You can also install a drop ceiling in your basement laundry to make it attractive.
  • In cases where there is plenty of space in this area, basement laundry room ideas focus at improving the folding space by installing a countertop surface on the workbenches.

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Laundry room storage ideas include installation of stock cabinetry, racks, shelves, etc. in a smart way to make the room look elegant and organized.

Moreover, storage ideas for laundry rooms are particularly important for increasing the efficiency of small laundry rooms.

While going through these tips and suggestions, make sure you consider the ones that you find practical and functional for your laundry room depending on its area and design.


Ideas for Laundry Room Storage

  • You can keep a narrow freestanding cabinet or cupboard beside the washer and dryer to make use of this space for storage. In addition, you can have a pull-out laundry hamper or a laundry cart between your washer and dryer. You can also have a trash bin on the other side.


  • Make the best use of the area just above front-load washer and dryer by installing a countertopthere as a comfortable place to fold clothes. If there is ample space, you can also keep certain decorative items on the countertop.
  • If you are not keen on having a countertop, you can keep a simple folding table or ironing board at a corner in the room so that it can be used and then placed away as and when required.Keeping the folded table in a corner shall ensure that no one trips over it accidentally. When using an ironing board, remember to mount it to the wall after you are done.

images (5)

  • Creating hanging space behind the door is an excellent laundry room storage idea. You can install a towel bar there to hang clothes. Besides, you may consider having over the door iron board holder.
  • Overhead cabinets can be used conveniently to store various detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, stain removers, scrubbers, sponges, etc.Closed, built-in cabinets placed at a comfortable height provide a clean look by keeping the laundry items out of sight.


If you are interested in adjustable open shelving then you can install wire shelves above the washer and dryer to store all your laundry supplies.

Moreover, you can install a wall unit with cute cubbies under the stairs in order to enhance the storage space in your small laundry room.

Here’s a video giving functional some ideas on how to use limited laundry room space effectively.

  • Keeping the dryer on top of the washer (front-load) and having a sliding shelf in-between these two appliances is one of the most innovative laundry room storage ideas.You can use this shelf for folding clothes when there is no adequate space in the laundry closet. Plus, you can consider using foldable baskets or hampers. Triple storage bins are also quite popular. 
  • When using a large basement laundry room as utility room as well, make sure you provide sufficient space for storing all the items such as vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, coat rack, bags, backpacks, and so on in an organized manner.


  • Wall mounted racks, melamine shelves, and shelf extenders help reduce clutter and leave more floor area for working comfortably in the room.Nevertheless, those who have sufficient floor space and do not mind bending can go for floor cabinets with or without drawers
  • Opting for an open shelving unit in the area is one of the best laundry room storage ideas for large laundry or utility rooms to store wicker laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, towels, etc.

Laundry Room Drying Racks

Laundry room drying racks are available in various shapes, styles and materials. Depending on your requirements and laundry room size, you can opt for a collapsible, wall mounted, ceiling or over-the-door drying rack meant for drying clothes indoors.

It serves as an alternative to electric dryers and hence helps save energy. Drying racks for laundry rooms are usually prepared from materials like wood, metal and plastic.


Most Popular Laundry Room Drying Racks

Foldable Laundry Drying Racks

Foldable drying racks are prepared from wood or metal. They are available as X or Y-shaped honey-can-do folding racks, whether two-tier or three-tier. They can be closed and carried when not loaded. The metal ones are considered better than the wooden racks as they do not leave behind yellow marks from the wood.

Polder Standing Accordion Drying Rack

This chrome accordion-style drying rack with non-skid plastic feet is 29.7 x 21.8 x 4 inches when set up. It is sturdy, includes 11 rods and folds flat to a 3-inch thickness. You can find this drying rack at Amazon costing $35.35.

Reviews for Polder Standing Accordion Drying Rack

Review by Robert Koga “taikobob” from San Diego, CA

It’s pretty sturdy (especially compared to the wooden models). My only complaint is that there aren’t more surface drying platforms, similar to the top of this piece.

Review by S. Savitt from Golden, CO United States

This drying rack is great. We have used it regularly for nearly six years and it still works wonderfully. It does have a couple of light rusty-type patches from being left outside too often, but it doesn’t stain the clothes or anything. Love it!

Review by Joan Roberts Baber from Daytona Beach, FL, USA

This is a great product for an apartment or condo. I place a small box fan next to the rack and everything dries very quickly. The size is perfect and it’s lightweight and easy to store. I use it with my Eco-Egg 2-lb. washer and it’s just terrific.

You can find more details and reviews about this product at Amazon.

If you are keen on getting a good quality wooden foldaway drying rack, consider the Gaiam Large Wooden Clothing Laundry Drying Rack. It is prepared from unfinished pine and has about 50 feet of drying space. It is available at Amazon at a price of $99.


Wall Mounted Drying Racks

These are considered as one of the best laundry room drying racks as they help conserve space and look smart too. They can be stretched out for the purpose of drying clothes, especially delicates and towels.

When not in use, you can simply push the rack back against the wall. This durable product is extremely useful in small laundry rooms as it does not take up any floor space. Wall mount expandable clothes drying racks are also quite popular.


Madison Wall Mounted Laundry Drying Rack

This smart drying rack from Madison Bath Collection is prepared from sturdy wood and features classic beadboard detailing. Dimensions: 42&PrimeH x 46&PrimeW x 2.5&PrimeD. You can find this lustrous white indoor drying rack at Home Decorators at a price of $139.00.

Reviews for Madison Wall-Mounted Laundry Drying Rack

Review by lortney from California

“This piece is beautiful to look at and really dresses up my laundry room! It is huge, and I cannot image ever running out of space to hang items. It is heavy, however, to hang. It takes at least two people. I definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about buying it!”

Review by dsmiles4u2

“I would always hang damp personal articles on a hanger in my closet to dry. the “drying rack” fits perfectly on the laundry room wall…and closes up easly…..BEAUTIFUL addition to the room :) ”

You get more reviews and details about this product at homedecorators.com.

Household Essentials 5003 Wall Mount Telescoping Indoor Drying Rack

This wall mount indoor drying rack has eight adjustable plastic covered steel drying lines. It is 31.5&Prime wide and comes fully assembled. You can get this drying rack from Amazon at a price of $23.95.

Reviews for Household Essentials 5003 Wall Mount Telescoping Indoor Drying Rack

Review by Dale from Lincoln, CA

The drywall anchors included with the rack are insufficient for a sturdy mount. Further, the mounting brackets are 30&Prime on center, not 32&Prime, which would make for solid mounting directly into wall studs. However, with one bracket mounted to a stud, and the other bracket secured with (not-supplied) toggle bolts (the ones that spring out on the other side of the drywall and are then drawn tight by the bolt), the rack is then steady enough for heavy use.
Good rack, good price, but get two toggle bolts for mounting.

Review by Sisa from Portland, OR

Bought this for my laundry room and it’s prefect – small, folds up, doesn’t take up floor space. I’ve had it for years and it’s still like new even though I use it everytime I do laundry.

Read further reviews on this product at Amazon.


Over-the-door Drying Racks

These drying racks for laundry room help conserve floor space in the room. You can fix the rack behind the door and let your lightweight clothes dry on it.

However, most over-the-door-laundry drying racks make it difficult to shut the door when it expanded. Nevertheless, when not in use, the shelves collapse against the door.

images (4)

Over the Door Drying Rack – Improvements

This laundry drying rack with two adjustable shelves is prepared from rust-resistant coated steel. It is a great choice for apartments or condos. Dimensions: 20&PrimeW x 16.5”D x 47.25”H. You can find this product at improvementscatalog.com in $19.99.

Magnetic Laundry Room Drying Racks

This type of laundry room drying rack is used to hang lightweight clothes like the delicates for drying indoors. It is designed to magnetically stay attached to the side of a washer or dryer. You find a 10” deep and 23” wide Magnetic Laundry Clothes Drying Rack (can hold up to 7 lbs) at Amazon at a price of $14.90.

Ceiling Drying Racks for Laundry

Ceiling drying racks and laundry lifts include clothing pegs, hang tabs, rod lifts, etc. and work efficiently to let your clothes air-dry indoors, relying on warm air near the ceiling. They can be prepared from wood or stainless steel material.

Mesh Laundry Room Drying Racks

Mesh drying racks are primarily meant for drying sweaters and fine washables. The stackable laundry drying rack shown above (Household Essentials 04004 Sweater Drying Rack) features mesh netting that provides even air flow to let your sweaters dry easily.

It is prepared from PVC and hence not prone to rusting. Dimensions: 5.5”H x 27”W x 27”D. It is available at Amazon costing $11.89.

Reviews for Household Essentials 04004 Sweater Drying Rack

Review by Nerdappeal from Fullerton, CA

I love this drying rack. I bought it a month ago and I’ve used it for a silk dress, a wool cardigan, lots of sweaters and shells. Before this rack, I would lay things out on a towel but it took a day or two to dry. The rack is much faster. It’s only 4 stars because storing it is a little annoying. It’s pretty big and I live in a small place. I could dismantle it every time but that would be difficult.

Review by BLCIndy

The design of the frame is very nice..no cross bars in the middle that make dents in sweaters. Having two trays is very convenient as well since multiple sweaters are washed at the same time. The size is perfect – no more shoulders and sleeves hanging off the edge. I’m very happy with this purchase, the design, and the price. It arrived in a few days from ordering.

Read further reviews on this laundry room drying rack at Amazon.

Laundry Room Accessories

Laundry room accessories include practical as well as decorative articles that enhance the efficiency of the room and converting it into a nice area for doing laundry.

For instance, laundry bags, ironing board covers, protective pressing pads, hangers, supply shelves, laundry caddy, towel warmer, rugs, pegs, laundry lint brushes, and art work for wall décor are some of the most common accessories for a laundry room.


Laundry Room Accessories You Can Consider

  • Laundry Bags and Hampers

    These bags are available in a variety of styles and designs to eliminate the element of monotony from this tedious chore. Thus, you can choose laundry bags in a number of shapes and styles, ranging from lingerie laundry bags to tote bags and mesh wash bags.

  • You could consider using wicker or rattan baskets as laundry hampers. Besides, three-bin laundry sorters and wooden or chrome laundry hampers can be used in case you are a large family.
  • Hangers

    Using hangers for drying lightweight clothes helps reduce wrinkles on clothes, thereby making it easy to iron them. Thus, you can choose usual, non-slip, skinny, side-loaded, wall-mounted, or octopus hangers, depending on your needs and preferences.

  • Retractable Clothesline and Pegs

    Instead of opting for usual, boring clothespins, choose beautiful Pclothes pegs. You may find them in flea markets at cheap prices.

  • Supply Shelf

    You can attach a wire shelf on the washing machine to keep important laundry supplies that are frequently used.

    If there are space constraints because of having a small laundry room, you may consider getting over the door iron caddy and a canvas door knob laundry bag as well.

  • Magnetic Ironing Pad

    A magnetic ironing pad is heat resistant and meant to be use on the top of a metal surface like washer or dryer.


  • As it is magnetic, it stays on the metal surface without any hassle. It is mostly used for quick touch-up ironing. You can get a magnetic ironing mat from Amazon at a price of $9.98.
  • Electric Fabric and Clothing Shaver

    This is another useful laundry room accessory. It helps remove fuzz and lint from clothes without damaging them. Plus, make sure your laundry supplies include effective stain-removal productsapart from the usual laundry detergents, fabric softeners, etc.

  • Laundry Rugs and Mats

    They are functional and available in numerous colors and patterns.

  • Covers for Washer and Dryer

    You may choose covers prepared from fabric to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt on these essential laundry equipments.

  • Decorative Washer/Dryer Magnets

    You can also consider magnetic appliance covers featuring exciting designs.

  • Certain other accessories for laundry room decoration are removable wall stickers, art prints, window curtains, Feng Shui plants, laundry room signs and a wall clock.

Here’s a video showing a laundry room makeover.

Moreover, you can think of an interesting theme like beach, coral reef, foam and bubbles, old-fashioned laundry theme, or any elegant design and get laundry room accessories matching the theme. Needless to say, choose the wall décor and paint in accordance with the theme to make it more appealing.

Laundry Room Cabinets

Installation of laundry room cabinets can help a great deal in making your utility room better organized and efficient.

Moreover, you can have these cabinets in colors and materials of your choice. They are usually available inmaterials like plastic, metal, wood, veneer and melamine.


Laundry Room Cabinet Designs

Prepac Elite Collection 32″ Topper & Wall Cabinet with 2 doors


This wall cabinet is 16-inch deep rather than the standard 12 inches. Besides, the two-door cabinet includes an adjustable shelf.

It features designer hardware, European-style hinges and designer hardware. Dimensions: 32″W x 16″D x 24″H. You can get this product from Amazon for $134.13. It is also available at Walmart at a price of $145.

Reviews for Prepac Elite Collection 32″ Topper & Wall Cabinet with 2 doors

Review by Lar2011

I cannot believe how nice these cabinets are for the money. To most it is very expensive just for a cabinet but believe me they are incredibly durable especially for the laundry room. Between towels, laundry detergent, fabric softner and all that other heavy laundry luggage we all have these cabinets are PERFECT. COuldn’t be more happy with them!!!

Review by Laurel Thomas

I have this in my laundry room and love it. Its very spacious, was easy to mount and looks great. I will definitly buy this product again when I add more cabinets over my washer.

You can read further reviews on this product at amazon.com.


ClosetMaid 54-inch Raised Panel Laundry Cabinet

images (2)

This durable, powder-coated wooden cabinet for laundry room features an attractive sculpted design on doors and drawer fronts. It has a good amount of storage space including one fixed and two adjustable shelves.

Moreover, it has adjustable European-styled hardware and decorative brushed nickel handles. It is available at the Home Depot at a price of $108.

Reviews for ClosetMaid 54-inch Raised Panel Laundry Cabinet

Review by 2288Di from Columbia, SC

This cabinet looks so good in my laundry/storage room. In reference to the reviewer about chipping the door handles when drilling the holes through; you need to follow the instructions…if you use a block of wood, when you drill the holes, the drill bit will continue onto the block of wood, thereby elliminating the chipped paint on the doors. The chip paint comes from when you stop the drill bit after drilling the door holes. I learned that the hard way….I chipped the first door, but when I looked at the instructions, I say they clamped a block of wood onto the door and drilled through. I did the other two like that, and guess what…..no chips! Would recommend, and will be buying another one.

Review by Anonymous from Austin, TX

Our laundry room was a little bare and needed some shelves or cabinet space – these were great for that task. The install is pretty easy but you need to follow closely, like one of the other reviews said, these are particle board with a white finish, so mishaps can result in damage to the boards as a whole. My one recommendation would be to take your time and make sure all your corners are flushed up, it will make the finished product look better.
I would give this 5 stars, but I feel this kit lacks 2 things: a shelf for the smaller cabinet and a rod to hang clothes from. The small cabinet would be better used if it could also be divided in a top and bottom half, like the double cabinet. And a place to hang clothes along the bottom would make this perfect (this was solved this with a rod on the side between the wall and the cabinet).

You can get additional detail and read more reviews on this product at Home Depot.


Prepac Elite Collection 16″ Base with Drawer & Door

laundry room cabinets

Equipped with an adjustable shelf and 20-inch deep heavy-duty drawers, this base laundry cabinet has a door that can be mounted to open left or right.

Plus, it has one-inch thick worktop and features sturdy melamine surface. Dimensions: 16″W x 24″D x 36″H It is available in $158.88 at Amazon.

Apart from these, laundry room cabinets with frosted glass frames and fabulous knobs are also quite impressive as they make the room more contemporary and appealing.

However, finding these cabinets at reasonable prices and dimensions suiting the configuration of your room is a challenging task.


Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

  • Depending on your needs and preferences, you can opt for overhead, craft storage, floor cabinets, stock cabinets, and so on. Closed cabinets look much smarter than open shelves.Nevertheless, shelving units are more convenient to use. Thus, do not exclude open shelves completely when setting up sophisticated laundry room cabinetry.
  • While choosing the material, select something that is durable and long lasting. For instance, if you are interested in wooden cabinetry then prefer hardwood (maple, oak, hickory) over softwood to avoid problems like warping and peeling.

images (3)

  • You can customize these cabinets by incorporating useful features in them. For instance, you caninstall rods, corner caddies, shelves and drawers in them to enhance their utility.
  • An excellent laundry room cabinet idea is to laminate photos on the cabinets to make them attractive and decorative. Metal cabinets can be painted with beautiful colors.


Needless to say, while choosing laundry room cabinets make sure you take the size of the room, the laundry space, and your own needs and requirements into consideration. Preferably, draw out a floor plan for the room.

Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

Laundry room remodeling ideas can help make this low-traffic area of your house more functional and delightful so that you can perform the laundry chores in a relaxed environment.

Ideas for Laundry Room Remodeling

  • Prepare a proper plan for remodeling your laundry room as per your requirements to make the room better organized.Divide areas for doing laundry, sorting, folding clothes, storing the cleaning supplies, setting the sink and faucet, etc. beforehand. 
  • Traditionally, a laundry room is located at the basement. However, those who do not like to carry loads of dirty clothes so far, eventually to reach a dark, dingy, must-smelling area can choose to have theirlaundry room on the first floor, next to the bedroom, or in combination with the kitchen or bathroom.

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  • Make sure you update the plumbing and electrical fixtures as well. In addition, try to create more open space in the room and remove unnecessary clutter.
  • In case you are interested in replacing the washer and dryer, try looking for models that suit your needs and look aesthetic. Besides, you can install a pedestal under these bulky machines to reduce back strain. You may also include sound insulation to reduce noise.Here’s video explaining how to choose laundry equipments and supplies.