Laundry Room Cabinets

Installation of laundry room cabinets can help a great deal in making your utility room better organized and efficient.

Moreover, you can have these cabinets in colors and materials of your choice. They are usually available inmaterials like plastic, metal, wood, veneer and melamine.


Laundry Room Cabinet Designs

Prepac Elite Collection 32″ Topper & Wall Cabinet with 2 doors


This wall cabinet is 16-inch deep rather than the standard 12 inches. Besides, the two-door cabinet includes an adjustable shelf.

It features designer hardware, European-style hinges and designer hardware. Dimensions: 32″W x 16″D x 24″H. You can get this product from Amazon for $134.13. It is also available at Walmart at a price of $145.

Reviews for Prepac Elite Collection 32″ Topper & Wall Cabinet with 2 doors

Review by Lar2011

I cannot believe how nice these cabinets are for the money. To most it is very expensive just for a cabinet but believe me they are incredibly durable especially for the laundry room. Between towels, laundry detergent, fabric softner and all that other heavy laundry luggage we all have these cabinets are PERFECT. COuldn’t be more happy with them!!!

Review by Laurel Thomas

I have this in my laundry room and love it. Its very spacious, was easy to mount and looks great. I will definitly buy this product again when I add more cabinets over my washer.

You can read further reviews on this product at


ClosetMaid 54-inch Raised Panel Laundry Cabinet

images (2)

This durable, powder-coated wooden cabinet for laundry room features an attractive sculpted design on doors and drawer fronts. It has a good amount of storage space including one fixed and two adjustable shelves.

Moreover, it has adjustable European-styled hardware and decorative brushed nickel handles. It is available at the Home Depot at a price of $108.

Reviews for ClosetMaid 54-inch Raised Panel Laundry Cabinet

Review by 2288Di from Columbia, SC

This cabinet looks so good in my laundry/storage room. In reference to the reviewer about chipping the door handles when drilling the holes through; you need to follow the instructions…if you use a block of wood, when you drill the holes, the drill bit will continue onto the block of wood, thereby elliminating the chipped paint on the doors. The chip paint comes from when you stop the drill bit after drilling the door holes. I learned that the hard way….I chipped the first door, but when I looked at the instructions, I say they clamped a block of wood onto the door and drilled through. I did the other two like that, and guess what… chips! Would recommend, and will be buying another one.

Review by Anonymous from Austin, TX

Our laundry room was a little bare and needed some shelves or cabinet space – these were great for that task. The install is pretty easy but you need to follow closely, like one of the other reviews said, these are particle board with a white finish, so mishaps can result in damage to the boards as a whole. My one recommendation would be to take your time and make sure all your corners are flushed up, it will make the finished product look better.
I would give this 5 stars, but I feel this kit lacks 2 things: a shelf for the smaller cabinet and a rod to hang clothes from. The small cabinet would be better used if it could also be divided in a top and bottom half, like the double cabinet. And a place to hang clothes along the bottom would make this perfect (this was solved this with a rod on the side between the wall and the cabinet).

You can get additional detail and read more reviews on this product at Home Depot.


Prepac Elite Collection 16″ Base with Drawer & Door

laundry room cabinets

Equipped with an adjustable shelf and 20-inch deep heavy-duty drawers, this base laundry cabinet has a door that can be mounted to open left or right.

Plus, it has one-inch thick worktop and features sturdy melamine surface. Dimensions: 16″W x 24″D x 36″H It is available in $158.88 at Amazon.

Apart from these, laundry room cabinets with frosted glass frames and fabulous knobs are also quite impressive as they make the room more contemporary and appealing.

However, finding these cabinets at reasonable prices and dimensions suiting the configuration of your room is a challenging task.


Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

  • Depending on your needs and preferences, you can opt for overhead, craft storage, floor cabinets, stock cabinets, and so on. Closed cabinets look much smarter than open shelves.Nevertheless, shelving units are more convenient to use. Thus, do not exclude open shelves completely when setting up sophisticated laundry room cabinetry.
  • While choosing the material, select something that is durable and long lasting. For instance, if you are interested in wooden cabinetry then prefer hardwood (maple, oak, hickory) over softwood to avoid problems like warping and peeling.

images (3)

  • You can customize these cabinets by incorporating useful features in them. For instance, you caninstall rods, corner caddies, shelves and drawers in them to enhance their utility.
  • An excellent laundry room cabinet idea is to laminate photos on the cabinets to make them attractive and decorative. Metal cabinets can be painted with beautiful colors.


Needless to say, while choosing laundry room cabinets make sure you take the size of the room, the laundry space, and your own needs and requirements into consideration. Preferably, draw out a floor plan for the room.

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