Laundry Room Design

Even a little consideration on your laundry room design can prove to be extremely useful in increasing the utility of the room.

In addition, it helps create a nice, open and clean environment, thereby making the unavoidable laundry chores less frustrating.

Laundry Room Design Ideas

  • Laundry room designs should be practical and aesthetic. Thus, the room should have a wide door and sufficient space to move around. In addition, it is suggested to incorporate colors like sage green or turquoise blue in the room. 
  • Choose appropriate cabinetry for the room to store all your laundry equipments, supplies and cleaning products. Frosted glass door cabinets, in particular, look aesthetic.


  • If the room is large, you can accommodate a broom cabinet and a tall storage cupboard as well for keeping linens, towels, bedding, etc. 
  • Place pedestals under the washer and dryer to keep them at an ergonomic height. Install thecountertop at waist-height
  • You can keep a coffee table and chair in a large laundry room to make it more comfortable for you. It can be used as a folding counter, sewing table and even as a gift-wrapping station.Here’s a video showing a nice laundry room makeover.
  • Making arrangements for adequate lighting is another integral part of designing a laundry room to increase its efficiency. There should be lighting over the sink and particularly dark areas in the room.You can also use task lighting in the form of under-cabinet or flexible track lighting. If possible,install a window in the room to ensure sufficient natural light and ventilation as well.


  • When using drying racks in the laundry room, make sure you place them in a suitable area where the dripping water won’t harm any surface.

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  • It is suggested to install the indoor clothesline or drying rack over the sink or at location where there is linoleum or tile floor. However, it is usually considered better to dry clothes outside in sunlight.


  • Besides, you can keep the iron on a wall-mounted shelf followed by a built-in ironing board(preferably with a decorative cover). Plus, there should be space for having a hanging rod to hang freshly ironed clothes. 
  • Coming to the flooring, choose strong and stain-resistant floor. You can opt for linoleum, hardwood, groutable vinyl tiles, etc. The overall layout of a perfect laundry room should be cozy and comfortable.

CI-Benita-Larsson_laundry-white-washer-dryer-zig-zag-frame-sink_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707 (1)

  • Laundry room accessories and decorations like plants, vases, art work, etc. are also valuable inimproving the laundry room décor. Plus, install a deep, sturdy utility sink prepared from stainless steel or enamel. 
  • To make the room attractive and inviting, think of an exciting theme for your laundry room design. Use wall paint, curtains (to hide items stored in open shelving units), color of shelves and cabinets as per the theme you decide. For instance, you can pick a vintage,. beach, or simply a color pattern theme like stripes or checks.

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