Laundry Room Organizers

Laundry Room Organizers

Laundry room organizers include items like laundry sorter bins, carts, garment racks, baskets, laundry station, wall mounted collapsible hangers, ironing board holder and iron caddy, etc.

These functional articles have great utility in a laundry room for sorting clothes and storing the various laundry supplies. They are particularly useful for small laundry rooms.


Laundry Room Organizers

Household Essentials 5100 Over-the-Washer Storage Shelf


This over-the-washer storage shelf helps create additional storage space in the laundry room by utilizing the space above the washer. It has a sturdy vinyl coated steel frame measuring 26.5&Prime W x 10&Prime D x 1&Prime H.

It has a white finish and is easy to assemble. You can find this Home Essentials Over-the-Washer Storage Shelf at Amazon at a price of $14.94.

Reviews for Household Essentials 5100 Over-the-Washer Storage Shelf

Review by Susan “scballou” from Atlanta, GA

This shelf is wonderful! It allows one to store all the things one would usually use most frequently close at hand! Personally, mine contains the medium size bottle of liquid Tide, the large bottle of Downy (fabric softener), a large bottle of Clorox, the extra large box of Bounce, a Bleach Pen, another smaller bottle of Clorox and a lingere bag. It definantly holds up to the challege of storing heavy items!!

Review by N. Williams from Texas

I had debated purchasing this shelf for months because I wasn’t sure it would fit the small space between the dryer and the wall or be sturdy enough to hold my laundry items. I’m so glad I finally made the purchase because it works great! I think the key to a sturdy installation is adjusting the long arms so that they grip the machine tightly-all you have to do is bend them towards the machine until you get a snug fit. It holds my 96-load bottle of liquid detergent, large oxy clean bucket and dryer sheet box without any problems and gets all my gear off the dryer top! The product was shipped quickly and arrived without problems.

You can read further reviews for this product at


Over-the-Door Iron Board Holder


Over The Door Iron Board Holder (Model 0751W from Organize It All) can be mounted on a door or wall to conserve space in a small laundry room.

As laundry room organizers are expected to be greatly functional, this iron board holder has multiple compartments to hold the heating iron and a few more laundry supplies. It is available in white epoxy color at a price of $9.70 at Amazon.

Reviews for Over-the-Door Iron Board Holder

Review by M. Spencer “mommerang” from Indianapolis

I love this product. I needed something that would hold not only my iron and ironing board but also my spray starch so this was perfect. I also needed something that was wall mount. There are so many over door types but few wall mount types. This one is versatile because it goes either way… wall mount or over door. I also needed something that would fit in a less than 6 inch deep space and this fit perfectly so it is also a slimline type product. This product fit all my exacting requirements and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Review by C. Robinson “BayouMommy” from San Diego, CA

What a clever way to free up space in your house. This is an excellent product I didn’t have to use the bolts that came a long or feel uncomfortable that the iron and other accessories weren’t secure. This is an excellent product to display your iron board, iron, spray in a neat clean way.

You can get further details and read more reviews on this over-the-door iron board holder at

Here’s a video ging some laundry room organization ideas.

3 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart with Hanging Bar


This Seville Classics laundry sorter has three canvas bags hanging on plastic hooks. The bags can also be detached separately from chrome plated wire handles.

Moreover, this mobile laundry cart has rolling wheels that lock when required to convert it into a secure work center. It is 30.75” wide, 18” deep and 66” high. You can find this three bag laundry sorter cart at a price of $53.73 instead of $99.99 at Amazon.

Reviews for Seville Classics SHE16165 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart With Hanging Bar

Review by L. Nathanson from New Jersey

Bought it for the removable bags and claims of sturdiness. I put it together with the supplied Allen wrench.
A solid, mobile unit. I love it. (The last one that I bought with plastic rods, a different brand, would routinely come apart.) Husband and I use it as a hamper. On wash day, we pull a bag out and take it to the washing machine. Great purchase. Good decision. I recommend it.

Review by Margarita Vidal “amathyst” from nyc

I researched online so many of these laundry sorters and even bought some and eventually returned them because they were not sturdy enough bur finally I bougth the right one! This laundry sorter is very sturdy, the bags are canvas as do not brake like the others and the bottom has a rack to support the bags. I think that for the price this product is very stirdy and can handle heavy clothing. Totally recommend it!

You can read further reviews on this laundry room organizer cart at Amazon.


John Louis Home Standard Closet Shelving System


This John Louis Home Standard Closet Shelving System is one of the most useful laundry room organizers, especially for large laundry rooms or foyer closets. It is a wall-mounted closet shelving system in red mahogany finish.

The garment bars are prepared from solid wood. Plus, there is metal hardware with satin nickel finish. It creates 12-inch deep shelving system that stays well-ventilated because of slated shelves and fits up to a 10-foot closet.

It includes three adjustable 24”W x 12”D shelves, three 72”W x12”D shelves, four angle brackets, five wardrobe bars and nine bar spacers.

You can find this closet shelving system with multiple configuration options at Amazon costing $173.14 instead of $264.99.

Reviews for John Louis Home Standard Closet Shelving System

Review by J. Tam “jeneroo” from Capitola, CA United States

I bought this because it was fairly inexpensive and looks good. After all said and done, it was nice, fairly simple to put together, but there were a lot of pieces left over and I’m left feeling like I paid a bit more than I should have. I have a 6′ wide closet. It’s made for closets that are up to 8′ wide. Maybe they should sell them for 4′, 6′ and 8′ systems separately. I now have several long pieces of wood, shelving and tons of hardware that I don’t need, so it’s a bit of a waste.
Ok, that was my big criticism. Otherwise, it looks very elegant, is sturdy (as long as I installed it correctly!) and I would recommend it.

Review by Tiana M. McElroy

I was looking for something fairly easy that my husband and I could install ourselves. Halfway through the installation process, I found myself wishing that we had hired a professional instead. Nice product, but installation should be left to the professionals.

You can read more reviews on this laundry room organizer at Amazon.


Commercial Laundry Cart


This great laundry cart includes a huge laundry basket, bottom storage shelf and a hanging bar. It has high-grade casters and features quality metal frame with chrome finish. It is available at Amazon costing $59.98.

Reviews for Commercial Laundry Cart

Review by Cindy

I definitely like this cart, it is sturdy and the size fits nicely into my small laundry room. Its so helpful – I use it to go from the bedroom closet hamper to laundry room; then use it to place the folded up and hanging clothes from dryer, then back into bedroom closet. My little doggie likes to ride in it too ':-)'

Review by Sandra K. Miller (Mississippi)

My master bedroom is a long way from my utility room, so I need a cart like this to take my laundry to and from the washer/dryer. This cart rolls easily – has large wheels – and is easily guided, wheeled to wherever you want it to go. It holds a lot of clothes. After I dry my clothes, I will fold it right from the dryer, placing them in this cart. After the cart s full I will wheel it to the place where they need to go. This method saves a lot of time and simplifies the laundry work considerably. I highly recommend this product – I think this is among the most useful tool I have purchased in a long time!

You can get additional information and read more reviews on this laundry room organizer at


Whitmor 6056-53 Supreme Laundry Cart


This is a durable and light-weight three-tier laundry cart featuring chrome steel construction. The best advantage of having this product is that you can fit it in the empty space beside or in-between the washer and dryer.

In addition, its wheels can be locked when necessary. You can get this Whitmor Supreme Laundry Cart from Amazon. It shall cost $36.88 instead of $50.00 there.

Reviews for Whitmor 6056-53 Supreme Laundry Cart

Review by Blair H. Boysen from Scottsdale, AZ, US

I purchased this to go between my washer and dryer. It is perfect and does exactly what I wanted it to. I thought the price was great too! It is sturdier than ones I had seen at the store

Review by Patricia A. Fields “pafields817&Prime from Clayton, NC

After looking at several dozen reviews of other carts, I found this cart. Unlike the wire or plastic carts this is made of sturdy chrome metal. It goes together very easily (less than 10 minutes). It has wheels that have a stopper. I use it in the laundry room between washer/dryer. I have the giant liquid soap on the top along with several other items. Second shelf holds 3 large bottles of bleach and other spray bottles. Bottom has medium size bottles of Dreft detergent, stain remover, and dryer sheets. The shelves are adjustable making this even more user friendly.

Read further reviews on this product at

These laundry room organizers can be cleverly fitted in limited laundry area to maximize the utility of the space available. Moreover, these items are usually placed in a smart way so as to make them easily accessible.

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