Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

Laundry room remodeling ideas can help make this low-traffic area of your house more functional and delightful so that you can perform the laundry chores in a relaxed environment.

Ideas for Laundry Room Remodeling

  • Prepare a proper plan for remodeling your laundry room as per your requirements to make the room better organized.Divide areas for doing laundry, sorting, folding clothes, storing the cleaning supplies, setting the sink and faucet, etc. beforehand. 
  • Traditionally, a laundry room is located at the basement. However, those who do not like to carry loads of dirty clothes so far, eventually to reach a dark, dingy, must-smelling area can choose to have theirlaundry room on the first floor, next to the bedroom, or in combination with the kitchen or bathroom.

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  • Make sure you update the plumbing and electrical fixtures as well. In addition, try to create more open space in the room and remove unnecessary clutter.
  • In case you are interested in replacing the washer and dryer, try looking for models that suit your needs and look aesthetic. Besides, you can install a pedestal under these bulky machines to reduce back strain. You may also include sound insulation to reduce noise.Here’s video explaining how to choose laundry equipments and supplies.

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