Perfect Laundry Room

A perfect laundry room is one that is located at an appropriate area in your house, on the ground floor, or basement. It can be combined with your bathroom, mud room or utility room.

Alternatively, you can plan to have it near your bedroom to minimize the distance you would cover while carrying loads of dirty clothes to the laundry area.

Besides, perfect laundry room design should be such that it should divide the room in areas dedicated for particular tasks like sorting, cleaning, drying, folding, ironing, etc.

Thus, your laundry room should be practical yet pleasing because are going to spend a good amount of time in this room being engaged in tedious laundry work.

In addition, the room should have laundry supplies like detergent, stain remover, bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheet and color catcher.


Perfect Laundry Room Ideas

  • Ideally, a laundry room should be well-organized to make the laundry chore less annoying. It is hard to work in a room full of clutter and clothes spread all over on the floor where you can barely walk.So, begin organizing your laundry room by keeping the dirty clothes in sorting baskets or pull-out bins. In addition, include a box or basket for keeping misplaced items like odd socks, coins, receipts, etc.

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  • The room would also require effective storage solutions as per your requirements. You can choose to install closed cabinets, cupboards, drawers, wicker baskets, or simple wire shelves hidden by a curtain.The racks, cabinets, etc. should be set up at a convenient height. Remember, beautiful cabinetry can add an aesthetic appeal in a dull, boring laundry room.


  • If the room is large, you might like to add closets, broom cabinets, shoe racks or open shelving units, too. Do not forget to place a trash bin
  • Perfect laundry rooms are equipped with natural as well as artificial lighting. Thus, make sure you have adequate task lights and windows in the room.Perfect laundry room

    Besides, you can install motion sensing lighting, especially in a basement laundry room, so that you do not have to search for the switch while carrying laundry clothes in your hands.


  • As laundry machines tend to cause noise, you can add extra insulation to the walls and floor for sound proofing
  • An ideal laundry room is likely to incorporate wall-mount stacking solutions so that there is sufficient space to move around. Thus, you can also invest in wall mount drying racks (to be placed over the sink). 
  • Depending on the space and layout of the room, you can have a fixed or wall-mount ironing center with a hanging rail nearby.Perfect laundry room

    If there is enough space, you can also fit in a table and chair in a corner where you can fold freshly laundered clothes and fix little sewing problems. In case the space is limited, you can perform these tasks at the countertop installed above the washer and dryer.


  • Those who spend a considerable amount of time doing laundry can have a television, radio or CD player in the room for entertainment. 
  • Coming to the floor, choose a strong, durable yet charming material for flooring. You can choose fromhardwood, stained concrete, linoleum, colorful tiles, and so on.Make sure there is a drain in the floor to get rid of water, in case there is an overflow from the washer. You can also place throw rugs on the floor to keep your feet warm.

    Check out this video showing laundry room solutions from a customized laundry room setup.

  • To make the room more interesting to work in, adorn it with a particular theme in mind and include matching laundry accessories, potting plants, fragrant blossoms, wall clock, art work, sconces, cute toys, decorative Feng Shui objects such as multi-colored crystals, etc. 
  • Apart from the theme, a perfect laundry room color, like tone-on-tone can help liven up the room without much effort. You can make the room bright and airy by choosing wall paint colors like pale pink, yellow, white, turquoise blue or sage green.

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